Do Algorithms Dream Of Electronic Shapes?

Autopoietic laser photography installation
by Robin Price

January 17th - March 7th 2022

Online @do_algorithms_dream

Offline @The Digital Hub, Thomas St, Dublin

Philip K. Dick famously asked ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’. His question was inspired by how, even fifty years ago, technology was starting to give our environment the appearance of being somehow intelligent and alive. We don’t have androids yet, but Dublin and D8, already commercially a technology hub, is now civically becoming a smart city. This means collecting more data in the area, connecting people with institutions in new electronic ways, with algorithms increasingly guiding decisions. What the long term effects of this will be, both positive and negative, are not yet known. This art project looks at some of the data we already give away and reflects on how this has shifted society now. 'Do algorithms dream of electronic shapes?' takes a random selection of Dublin's social media, posted by day, and feeds them through an artificial intelligence at night to ask what the computers see in us. Drawing out these digital dreams with laser beams, we can see what biases we have already trained into these algorithms, and how the ability to share and perform our lives through curated displays of imagery has changed us.

End of project panel discussion on the ethical questions raised both in Robin Price's work and more broadly by technology, social media and artificial intelligence. Featuring: